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Hello, this is Greenwood.

Very nice to meet you.

Here, you can find jewelry and accessories that are made by human hands, to be precise, my hands. It is not anonymous, everything is carefully handmade in my studio in
Greenwood area of Brooklyn.

As we all are a part of nature...

Although I love and enjoy living in a big city, I go back to nature and ground myself regularly. Smells of flowers, trees, earth, the breeze that touches my cheek - all those sensations bring me back to my childhood. Making flower crowns in a field, climbing up the tree and swimming in the sea. Everything here is inspired by our beloved planet earth.

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One more thing...

Materials used here are ethically sourced.

All the jewelries and accessories will be delivered
in a recycled paper box.

It usually takes a couple of days to ship your order.
If it will take longer than that, I will contact you.